Fertilizing your Lawn Tracy Ca.

Lawn fertilizing will help keep your grass growing at its best. When your lawn is thick and growing nice and healthy and it will help to prevent unwanted weeds. 

When you have a healthy thick lawn, it makes it where the weeds have very little chance to grow. This helps reduce the amount of chemicals that are needed to control the weeds.

Grasses in the Tracy area grow primarily in the spring and fall and should receive most of their fertilizer during those times of the year. During the high temperature of summer months, fertilization should be limited to prevent excess growth and stress

In Tracy, your lawn should be fertilized four times a year. We are located in zone 9B and it is recommended to fertilize in March, May, September, and October. A complete fertilizer should be used in either September or October for one of the applications.

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Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Tracy Ca