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  1. How much should you water your lawn in Tracy?

    Most lawns require 1″ to 2″ of water per week, to keep the root system moist. However, it will depend on the type of grass you have and your current soil condition and the amount of shade or sun that the area receives.

    The root systems of established lawns generally penetrate about 6 to 8 inches into the soil. Deep and infrequent watering will help promote a vigorous root system.

    If under irrigated, cool-season grasses may become semi-dormant in the hottest part of the summer, returning to full vigor in cooler fall weather. Regular deep watering is necessary to keep the lawn green through the summer.

  2. How to measure how much water you are using on your lawn?

    In order to know how much water you are using on your lawn, you will need to measure your watering systems output. The best way to do this is by using containers similar to a tuna can or cat food can.  Place several cans around on your lawn. (Using several will show if there are spots that are getting too much or too little water.) Run your sprinklers for a predetermined length of time (ie: 20 minutes).  Measure how much water was collected in each of the cans. Add the measured amounts together and then divide by the total of cans to come up with an average. Once you have an average you will know how much you are watering for that amount of time.  Example:  You use 4 cans and run the sprinkler for 20 minutes. When you measure you see that can 1 has 1/2 inch (.50), can 2 has 3/8 inch (.375), can 3 has 5/8 inch (.625), and can 4 has 1/2 inch (.50). Add these together (.50 + .375 +.625 + .50) and you get 2.  Take this number divide by 4 (number of cans used). The result is .50 or 1/2. This means that 20 minutes of watering, your sprinkle will put out 1/2 inch of water.  

  3. When can I water in Tracy?

    Lawns must be watered before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m.. The days that you are allowed to water are based on your house address. Houses ending in an even house number are allowed to water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Homes ending with odd addresses would be allowed to water their lawns Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


  4. Does your Gardner need a City of Tracy Business License for mowing or doing yard work?

    Yes, your Gardner needs to have a Business license to perform any work within  Tracy. 

  5. My Gardner sprays weeds and fertilizes my lawn, is there a license for performing that service?

    Yes, a license is required. This industry is highly regulated by the EPA and State of California.  You need to make sure that the business spraying for weeds is licensed by the DPR (California Department of Pesticide Regulations). This helps to ensure your family and pet’s safety. Weeds are considered a “Pest” and if someone sprays a pesticide, herbicide, insecticide or plant hormones, both the business and the people applying the chemicals need to be licensed. Ask to see their Applicator’s License or Certificate License. 

    Here is a one page PDF that has great information from the DPR titled  “Is Your Maintenance Gardener Licensed?”

    You need to check if your maintenance gardener is licensed by DPR, if they use pesticides. That is the law. You can easily find maintenance gardener licensing information on DPR websitehere